the download tool

it would be great to have the possibilities to download all the xrni of one page in one click

it would be great to add the possibilitie to upload zip of waveform to download multiple waveform in one click like in the good old day

this way you can use the sampler like a synth with mod and have thousand of waveform

I agree with the downloading issue when there are a lot of files. This is quite an annoying thing that we didn’t manage to find a suitable fix for yet.

We basically have to do some ugly hacking under the hood with the IP.Board Downloads module, and it’s really not pretty or a lot of fun to do so.

it would be great to add the possibilitie to upload zip of waveform

I’ve seen you mention this pack in a few posts recently.

It really makes no sense to simply re-upload the entire Adventure Kid Waveforms pack here, so please avoid doing so.

People can simply visit his website and get it directly from the source.

I’ve also seen you uploading quite a bunch of breakbeat samples lately, some of which we may have to moderate, I guess.

Please do keep in mind that our Downloads section is here for original content created by our users.

It’s not intended to be some kind of file host or mirror for content that’s already out there.

It’s also not allowed to upload copyrighted stuff that you do not have the rights to, so these breaks in particular may be crossing the line a bit unfortunately.

I know it’s a bitch to track down some of these samples when you need them, but we’re simply not providing a backup service here.

these break are in the public domain so there is not problem

i’ve find a solution for the pack

this tool