The Dream Of Flying

Check this vid, it is … amazing. I am honestly at a loss of words.

shit… that’s pretty sick!
thanks for sharing

What the fuck?!!

Wow, just wow.

I love those guys. So badass. I wish I had the balls like that. Best I will probably ever do is tandem skydiving though. Still looking forward to it though!

I have that movie!

Seriously one of the most watchable things ever. Pure awesome. (seven sunny days, rent it, buy it, f**k, even just download it! get a load of it ffs!)

Imagine the sight of 3:05 gone wrong, not pretty.

Anyway, how do we make a computer game of this? I have to try virtually first :D

This is compelitely amazing. I even wonder how some shots of the movie can be real (at 1’30" for example : the guy flyes so close to the cliff…?).

I’m not sure i would have the guts to do it :lol:

Balls, and experience. He’s just done it so many times and is so in control, that he knows exactly how close he can get.

I mean think about him knowing where that road is – He had to have scoped that route out many many times in advance to get the timing right to where he would be at the right elevation/location to pass right by the road. Since they can control their speed of descent to some degree, he could have probably gone way over the road or been well further down the mountain at that point if he wanted to. Or in a completely different direction on the mountain, you know what I’m saying?

I also wonder how long it takes them to walk/get back up to the top of the mountain from the middle of whatever field they land in. Probably several hours… So they probably can only do like 3 or 4 jumps per day. Maybe Alex knows since he’s watched the whole vid

Speaking of the whole video……51444&hl=en

I better watch it before it gets taken down :)

Seen the whole video meanwhile, its a skiing vid from 2007. Yep, skiing, not snowboarding. :) As Alex said, it’s called “Seven Sunny Days” and the guys with the Eyepatch and a love for the letter “R” have it.

About getting up again: I guess either a car or even a helicopter. People doing stuff like this usually get paid nice money by sponsors. After all it is fricking awesome.

Edit:Oh, didn’t see the links from io.