The Drummer And The Eyeball

A friend give me this link,
music can be dangerous sometimes … :o

WARNING - Graphic content

… I just can’t imagine how it is, seeing in front of you and the floor at the same time…

It’s not his eye, it’s the broken end of the drum stick from his right hand. You can see the stick snap as he hits it hard, then the broken piece bounces up and sticks into his cheek. The large bit you see hanging down is not his eyeball, it’s the mallet from the end of the stick.



Maybe you’re right indeed!

Another legend of youtube destroyed :’( …
Good eyes dblue!

the video quality was so bad i could barely tell what was going on :(

Sorry dblue, but that stick would have to be pretty rubbery to move like the image in the video. That’s most definitely ropelike physics going on there. As to whether or not it’s been faked is an entirely different issue. Reading on wikipedia, we find that eyeballs which pop don’t usually go out very far… nowhere near as much as that video. I’d argue that this was probably a gag that the student with the eyeball issue concocted for attention.