The End Of Time

I wrote these lyrics back in 2019 shortly after the suicide of my neice, did put some basic music to it but never really fnished it.
Decided it was time to finish it, so basically reworked the whole thing, including rewriting maybe half the lyrics

If you’re interested, the Guitars are Ample metal Eclipse, Bass is Kontakt classic bass (from factory library) drums are Solid Drums, there’s some violin VST in there (DSK I think I used) and the vocals are my voice lol


Fuck. Hope you could process the loss through composing this song. It’s always a bad thing for relatives and friends. But tbh I really understand everyone who doesn’t want to live anymore in THIS world. So you did the whole guitar stuff in the Strummer? Or did you also use the Riffer this time?

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Yeah that and time. 2018 to 2020 were a rough couple years even ignoring COVID. All good now.
As for AME, no used the strummer, in the chorus 2 instances to do different notes.
One day I’ll take the time to learn to use the riffer :slight_smile:

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The riffer is ok, it’s just similar like dealing with a “piano roll”. Verticality would be advantageous imho. I’m glad you’re doing good, and I wished everyone could use creating music or whatever as an outlet just like you. It’s a nice break from a system that keeps life like being in a treadmill, and sadly not everyone can handle it. I also had two friends who committed suicide. Something’s wrong with this world. Luckily we’ve got music.