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I myself have a great problem with people not beeing able to resolve their differences without the use of violence, those people are the ones everyone reject, the people that we talk about as “not stable”. Relations between countries and religion somewhat deludes me as the sole purpose of life is exactle that; live, enjoy and be friends. Im not talking about usa as the only one here, im well aware of irans history and twisted views.

My futuristic hippy views could go on but then i would just look like a selproclaimed prophet.

I know violence is not the answer to everything.

Still how would you propose to solve this situation?

The harmless intents by Iran are dubious:
They don’t need nuclear resources for creating energy since they have plenty fossil resources for that for decades to come.

Doing this attack however would probably cause an immense economic meltdown in oil-dependant countries.
This idea puts more at stake than only just the US as they would probably be the only target Iran had in mind.

hmm interesting coincidences here.

Just woke up from a dream about the end of the world after playing civilisation for 3 days solid as the yanks and systematically killing every living thing outside my control, and I don’t have a regular media source…

That seems to be the modus operandi these days.
Anything not a rich white christian heterosexual and/or having some valuable resource is a target.

f****in’ yanks! ;)

Want to get even more scared?

Ever hear of the PNAC?

Some of the incumbent administration are chief architects/subscribers.