The End

New track by me. Not much to say, tracked a friend’s bass solo…take a listen and let me know what you guys think.

I am really enjoying this! The mood is fantastic.
The guitar solo in the intro sounds great. The spacial feel of the piano at 1:30 sets it alive.

Chord progression is deep. I loved how you implemented the bass. Simple, and perfectly judged.

Unfortunately I lost interest the moment you went kinda breakcore’ish at 2:55. For me it felt like the wrong direction.

Overall 0:00-2:55 was very impressive work. I’ve listened to it four times already.

thanks for checking it out mickrip. your insight is helpful.

granted the breakcore part may be a bit unnecessary (this was a project for school and i succumbed to the temptation of showing off the 'ole renoise skills to the boys). i didn’t really think it was a deal breaker in the tune, but it’s all subjective i guess. with all the crap i have going on in my music career (like the more mainstream money-makers) it’s hard to find time to express myself so sometimes i cram several ideas into the one piece i actually get a chance to work on.

anyways hopefully more people will check it out and let me know what you guys think as well!

Top notch production, great track.

I thought your squarepusher overture was subtle. I didn’t even notice it the first time around (I was puttering around the forums while listening to it in the background), but near the end I was like “wait, did the track go crazy half-way through? how did I miss that?” so I did a rewind and actively listened.

You give us 2:30 minutes of really good melodies that the drums kind of fade into the background for me. So I realized from the first listen that I only noticed when the acid atari bassline came in (hence the squarepusher reference) then it fades away into a granualar soundscape, which is really good as like a “passing reference” artistic statement, works with the title “the end” for me too.

Excellent stuff. Sorry i didn’t check it the first time through. When I see a link to a myspace or verb page, I usually pass. I respond to XRNS files the most, then direct links to mp3s, then I wait for the reviews.

thanks conner.

i know i’m not a huge fan of myspace either, but i haven’t taken the time to set up anything to host direct links to mp3’s. and you wouldn’t even want to see the xrns for this piece. i don’t do all of my work in renoise. for this one the creative stuff was done in renoise, but most of the mixing was done in cubase, so the xrns sounds pretty shitty. plus i use a lot of plugins so sharing the xrns is usually not a viable option for me.

the squarepusher sound was exactly what i was working on (it seems every song is some sort of “practice” of a new technique or whatever for me). i didn’t want to go full out breakcore choppage, but i wanted something a little interesting at the end. i’m glad you picked that up i guess it means i’m getting closer to what i want.

Has free mp3 hosting for Renoise users - MP3s can be directly linked; simple, no advertising, no bullshit.

Eventually there will be a “myspace” style for Renoise users.

Mick :)

awesome, i think i’ve already signed up for an account there. that’s good to know there’s somewhere i can host. that’s a great place you’ve set up mickrip!

edit: how do you host the files?

  1. Log into LoopProject via a legitimate account (your username is RyanMcAllister, I just checked)
  2. Click on “File Manager” at the top right, and follow your nose.

very nice song! Very creative.
I didn’t think that the breakcore part was unfitting (but that may be because I was kindof “warned” by the comments… heh)

Nice piece. Keep it up ^^


thanks i saw that but thought maybe it was for uploading loops or something. i will try that out next time i want to share a song.

thanks marv