The "explain This" Contest

Please help me because I’m really struggling… I’ve already smashed my keyboard on the floor and bought a new one…

Few days ago I was doing some stuff with Corel draw, and in the middle of my work the drug and drop feature began not to work… I could move objects only by using the keyboard. The same happened in windows, I couldn’t move icons and similar stuff. It’s like if they are anchored to their actual position… But I could move scrollbars…

Morover now, when I open windows, I can’t click on the start button because the window appears and disappears in very very fast time, I almost don’t menage to see it… I open the start menu with keyboard, close it and it works with mouse too.
In the other partition (the one with Renoise and musical stuff), with another operating system, it’s the same thing (drag and drop not working, start menu troubles), but if I do some mess with mouse I can get the drug and drop function to work again…

Now… Suggestions??

Hmm. If it is a “non-cable”-mouse I would say, the battery is low and it seems, that the mouse-button is broken. I would suggest, you look in the mouse-application in the windows control panel…

It’s not a wireless mouse and I changed it to see if it was problem… I have tryed to change something in the control panel but nothing happened.

another strange thing: a couple of times the normal situation has been restored, but I don’t menage to link it to some special action I did. It turned back to chaos after restarting btw…

Have you run a spyware and virus scan?


otherwise can´t bug you out anymore

I ran them all… Nothing…

Oh… I found a trick for this… It’s really really strange but it works

I launch windows… Then open Renoise, close it and after that everything works… Don’t ask me why… Really don’t know what to think…


I was about to type: Get a new mouse, but… Huh??

Could this perhaps be some kinda DirectX-problemo?


I updated DirectX and the trouble is still there…

How ‘bout g’old reinstall everythin’ windows-fix?
Or call 555-EXORCIST for aid.

Is your PC a notebook?
A friend of mine had the same problem with his notebook.
Even after re-installing the OS, his desktop began to freak out.
I suppose it’s a heat problem, but it’s just a guess.

It makes little sense to look for a meaning in a place where meaning does not apply… so it’s a little bit funny to try and fix modern computers: they are at this point SO intricate and there are SO many different chances of errors that not even Microsoft’s engineers are fully able to understand all of the errors you can obtain. More than doin the best thing each time we rather seem to power up old ideas… so we know what we want but do not fully understand what we have. My advice:
Backup your stuff, format + reinstall OS :)