The Fastfood Way To Slice Up Breakbeats!

copy > cut > ‘+’ > paste is the simple method… ok:

load in a break and pull up the instrument sample slot window

b[/b] now in the Sample Editor page, drag/highlight from the RIGHT to the SECOND hit and press CONTROL+C

b[/b] now press CONTROL+X to cut and you’ll end up with your first slice:

now hit the ‘+’ button and press CONTROL+V

repeat steps 1 to 3. can take about half a minute depending how long the break is or how much you want to slice, you don’t have to slide EVERY HIT but it’s wise if you’re going to be pitching it up and down.

now in Instrument Editor page click ‘Generate drum Kit’ and you’ll see all slices layed out on keyboard:

now go to the Pattern Editor and mash up the break!!

you can pitch ALL slices up/down from these buttons in the Instrument Editor:

and don’t forget to save it you want to use it again later:

demo mp3


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Really useful, thank you so much.

If you have a minute, could you explain how to save as an instrument? I have just tried it but I think it’s my unfamiliarity with the folder structure thats preventing me from saving it.

Am I right in thinking that I can call up the saved instrument in any other project?


when you’ve clicked on ‘instrument’ at midtop, just type a name in the text box and hit the disk button to the left of it.

Superb - thanks again.

thanx for this tip,i will be using this quite alot i think :yeah:

Some adaptions made, but all file functionality are described here:

Thanks vV, I’m giving that a read right now.

Very useful information, thank’s a lot!

Yes, using keyboard shortcuts for cutting and pasting works really fast. But once you’ve done that for plenty of breaks one can start to wonder why this process can’t be speeded up even further (beatslicer alert?).

What about a new right mouse click / keyboard shortcut function in the sample editor to: “paste to empty sample slot” ?

I would rather suggest a button with the name “Slice selection” that performs an action upon the dropdown choice you made:
“Set offset nodes per beat for 09xx commanduse”
“Slice all beats to samples and generate drumkit”

happy milkshake man, you’re crazy! I love it

You know what would be neat for lazy people like me, since we now have, is to gather a collection of xrns files with only the breaks already chopped up and generated to a kit. like have amen.xrns funkdrummer.xrns apache.xrns etc.

don’t flame me guys for being so lazy as to rather downloading xrns breakbeat templates instead of wanting to chop them up myself ^_^

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im gonna do this today,really great tutorial

just been trying this out, really useful and quick… thanks !

ill upload some instrument files later tonight, the classic breakbeats

that would be really useful. im in the process of ripping one or two beats off vinyl.

one small thing though …you shouldn’t press control+ c …just control x ( cut ) and then control v ( paste )
No need to copy the sample …when you cut a part of the sample it is automatically pasted onto the clipboard…makes tthe whole pocess …a few keystrokes faster

What’s the advantage over editing all of your breaks to one bar sections and using sample offset?

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oh wow, didnt even know that. cheers!! just tried it.

@ yank_crime, one of my own, ill pm it you if you want.