The First (Maybe Anual) _X_Treme _R_Enoise _N_Utrious _S_It-In

I always wanted to meet some Renoisers in real life (and did by meeting kasmo for example) and as the Breakpoint will probably never happen again and as I feel to old to sleepover in a crowded hall near younger sceners between crisps, cocacola and redbull I decided to create this tiny meeting for interested renoise-geeks.

The idea is the following: We meet at my house at some friday, have a nice BBQ and track all saturday. The Event would be over on sunday… There’s around 140 squaremetres space in my home although the meeting should not exceed 10 persons (because it’s quite difficult to handle all the energy needed for this kind of lan-session)

So: Is there any interest to come to my house and celebrate TEH Renoise?

There’s no date for this “event” but I think it’s some kind of nice idea ;)

yeah cool, count me in ! whould also be cool to have your brothers there ;)

You fail to mention where in the world your house is. :D

Well, lower saxony - germany that is :) (neear Oldenburg, near Bremen)

In fact, I am just trying to find out if there’s interest at all :D

I would come if the transport doesn’t become too costly, so I need some details on the location.

Well. The transportation from oldenburg to my hometown costs 2,90 Euro. So you might want to find out how much it is to get to Oldenburg. As the details (Partydate especially ;) ) are not planned by me I did not write any further details.

So: Everyone who is seriously interested can post here and will get detailed information through PM because I don’t want to put my postal adress here ;)

Don’t know about Oldenburg but transport to Bremen costs about 350€, rest is no worry. If I have extra 350 eur lying around, I’ll come. :)

What is Evoke?

Any people in for meeting at Bangface weekender? :D

With computers/Renoise?

With beer?

At least the plan at the XRNS-Party at my house includes beer, BBQ and Renoising (so bring PCs)

Definitely! Or at least ciders!!

Is anybody interested?

me! but you already know this, looks like we are alone :D
so, more beer for me :yeah:


Oh Germany? That’s like a 5 minute walk from my 24 story castle in Canada. I’ll be right over.

Nice. Bring some of your Ferraris with you. And don’t forget your jet :)

I’ll bring the BEER, whoehahah

Not easy to overlook… the lag however will not come earlier than with the lan-party or net-co-ops…

If you guys do this, you definitely need to set up a realtime video feed at or ustream so we can all chat with the party goers