The First Snows In Siberia

As some of you know I live in quite deep Siberia, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad and scary. Of course it’s cold over here sometimes, actually it’s below -50C sometimes, but I don’t give a damn because even fluffy squirrels don’t. Of course it’s not a sugar to live right here but there are things I’m happy about.

My todays shots from town park:

Week ago:

Hope these ones will slightly correct your general notion about Siberia :)

Beautiful photos. Looks cold though. ;)

Lovely pictures. I’m glad summer is finally over, winter is so much more atmospheric and inspiring!

Nice shots!

Where in Siberia are you exactly?

Western Siberia, Surgut

here is the park -…m=1&iwloc=A

thanks for the comments guys!

You gotta be here in summer, the park is full of girls with a perfect DNA :)

Well, these 2 photos are not enough to detect their genealogy :) Actually, Russia is a big country with a long history, we’ve conquered dozens of nations. So, we are the nations. I see the most beautiful girl in world twice per year while walking around my block. It’s just almost impossible to see an ugly girls around. Seriously. The most of Russian girls are attractive, 30% are beauty, 5% are princesses. Damn knows which of 30 USSR nations their issues came from. Damn knows how to build sentences on English about Russian girls!

You live in Siberia? Wow.

I live in Japan, but I am English. When I fly back to England (rarely) I fly over Siberia.

From up in the sky it looks terrifying!


I was born in Kamchatka

pretty much snow in winter and beautiful landscape :)

Kamchatka rocks! I hope I’ll manage to get there, it’s full of beautiful places. What a piece of inspiration!