The Gorillaz Sound?

Hi, nice song!! For “organic” things i think working with samples is a good idea. Choping drums, and arrange that, for example, and not programming every beat. Of course you can sequence everithing but is a lot more dificult. Gorillaz in particular dont use much software, but a lot of “organic” music is made with computers.
Also find warm vsts and effects, Gorillaz sound really warm to me.
And yes, maybe only four tracks, but they are really good musicians. Thats the most dificult thing!

Haha, thats sharp man :lol:

readin back anad saw you wrote this, whats the bwoop?

isn’t really hard my friend!

I think the drums need to be a little more defined…they’re quite dull and empty in the mix and seperate from the hat…add a kick to a different track, following the kick in the break, and double up the snare…or alternatively, settle the hat with the beat more, add the kick then boost all of it.
the structure and production techniques are all there though.
It’s just the drums, not phat enough for a system…
cool song