The Gorillaz Sound?

Hey, just wondering if people knew any little production techniques which the Gorillaz used. Damon Albarn is a genius!

quite a big dub influence, very hip hoppy, but i’m finding it quite hard to get their really laid back style. I’m talking about their first album more than their second, which is a bit too highly refined for my tastes…

Anything at all will be highly appreciated!! And i’m not trying to copy them completely i guess, but they are quite a big influence in the way i think about my music and love to know what you guys have in your immensely large Renoise/ Production genius heads…

here my little attempt at something quite similar…

Wow thats really cool man!
I think that little ‘bwooop’ sound you mixed a few times should come back even more (bwoobwoobwoooop)
You’re really close if you’d ask me! ^^

I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but your track reminded me a lot of The Stone Roses - Fools Gold:


… a lot! The chords, the guitar riff, etc.

Fuck, i think its the bassline which is the most… haha, as a matter of fact i love that song… god ive been doing this sort of thing alot recently…

dBlue! curse you and your northern roots!

i think sub conciously my mind prefers it when it heres something it remembers/likes… better churn out some more then :lol:

cheers for the kind word too td6d, i reckon more trip!!!

this is simply how pop music works

isn’t dan the automator (or whatev his name is) who creates the beats?

The Automator produced Demon Days, the first album was produced by Danger Mouse… or was it the other way around…?

Gorillaz is the only ‘pop’ music I thoroughly love! REAL love.


if ye like dan then check out:

tis neat

totally the other way around.
the self titled first album was produced by the automator.
fucking brilliant.

the second of course by danger mouse of gnarls barkley fame.
fucking brilliant.

fucking brilliant.

damon albarn.
fucking brilliant.


hello all
get a real instument and hardward effect
and forget renoise & plug’s
sry for the answer but is reality :(
renoise nice for electronic music ,not organic sound with any plug has you want (and for that i prefer aodix better sound for me ,and only for me)
(i have registére renoise 1.1) i love this soft too :drummer:

Anyone dare to touch this? :)

Nah, the guy’s just limiting his own creativity. There is no ‘cannot’, only ‘don’t know how’. ;)

Gorillaz sounds organic because they’re more live recording than sequenced music. Just listen to the bass and guitar… you can’t sequence that. I guarantee that even their keyboards are played live instead of sequenced. That all aside, they take heavy influence from funk, jazz, blues, and raggae… all of which have very loose swing.

Not without getting into SW vs. HW discussions…again :)
Why not use both, would love the algorithms in an Eventide H8000 in a $200 software :)

Can’t afford a H8000 but you can dream.

Oh you can get a gorillaz sound in renoise… you just need to record the performance live… and you don’t need hardware synths… that’s just silly. A midi controller will do.

Feel Good: breakbeat + live electric slap bass + layered acoustic guitar + silent vinyl sample + vocals
Clint Eastwood: breakbeat + live flat bass + sin sub bass + piano + vocals
Dirty Harry: rhodes piano + choir vocals + chopped tribal beat + breakbeat + grandmaster flash synth preset

Gorillaz is minimalistic music at its core. They only have 4 tracks playing at most times.

And don’t underestimate the power of vocals

Yeah, it seems that they only use a few tracks, but it always seems so full, and , well mine sound really empty without adding loads of stuff…

Has this got something to with saturation?, when ever i put baxxpander on my bass, it sounds really powerful, or is it some seriously good equing?

if only i could sing, might just get practicing now… haha whats a grandmaster flash preset? which bit is it in the song?

Grandmaster Flash:

Dirty Harry (synth I’m talking about starts at 1:21):

you right !!! :P
but i dont talk about synths i ve talk about organic sound (bass ,guitar,battery…)
for the synths a good plug like albino or voyager(for free user) can make that very good
and bassexxpander plug is good if you never hear real bass with real amplifier(marchal or other) lol
is hard thrue
i have see gorillaz in concert in paris i see only real instrument and dj no computer ^^
if you want the same sound jimy hendrix get the same guitar but instument dont make musician :yeah: