The green playback line....

How do i set it back to the beginning of the first pattern from a script? This would be really helpful, but i can’t find the object names… anyone happen to know how to do this?


You need to play that particular line. (e.g. pressing enter)
There is no other way to move that green line to a specific position.

This is not “any line” but specifically the first in the first. Could also be the first line of any pattern so long as you know the selected_sequence_index.

Run these three commands in order: = 1;;;  


What does setting the value do? I automatically assumed that would move the ‘playhead’ to a given song position. I’m not at renoise right now so can’t test… :(

Aha yea sorry, you are absolutely right, i was as usual clamping myself to edit_pos rather than playback_pos…

 local ppos =  
 ppos.sequence = 1  
 ppos.line = 1 = ppos  

Thanks vV!! This places the playback marker on the 1st line of 1st pattern… but bumps the pattern editor to the first pattern as well :(/>

(right now i’m too tired to look for a fix…)

/* EDIT */ Another one, looked all over for this but can’t find it: change the font size of the pattern editor (mainly between “small” and “normal”) from a script… is it possible?

Grepping for “font” through the whole API documentation shows me Renoise.ViewBuilder.API.lua …but not much useful info about pattern editor font :confused:

because i set ppos.sequence = 1.
If you don’t change that one, it will jump to the first line of the current sequence.

so, changing transport.playback_pos to a pattern will also set the edit_pos to the same pattern?

The cursor (while standing somewhere in the middle of the song) didn’t move anywhere when i replaced the playback pos to the first sequence and row.

Just noticed that turning off edit/record mode clears the playback (green) line, and turning it back on puts it back at the current cursor pos… might be related?

Also noticed the playback line follows into whatever pattern i go to when playback is stopped… weird.

This can only happen if a tool automatically responds to sequencer notification changes.
I don’t experience this behavior myself.

if you do local ppos =, then ppos.sequence is always the last played sequence position and ppos.line is always the last played pattern line in that sequence.
if you do local ppos =, then ppos.sequence is always the actual sequence position and ppos.line is always the actual pattern line the cursor is on.
If you mix those two, you can get this strange behavior.

Also there is this option that has influence…:

Pattern Sequencer

  • Separate edit & play positions (with pattern follow): When enabled, the sequencer’s playback position will be detached from the edit position when Pattern Follow is disabled. - Pattern Follow mode On: Edit and play positions are linked, so the pattern currently playing is always the one that is edited. - Pattern Follow mode Off: Edit and play positions are separated, so you can edit a pattern that is not currently playing.

Do you use the follow button / Scroll Lock key? Try it.

PS can’t change the pattern editor font from lua. You probably don’t want to, either. But you can change it. Look in Renoise Resources folder (on different places in different OSes…)

Yeah, i keep toggling it all the time.

Well, it would be useful to assign a key to toggle between small and normal font sizes.

Hi guys, is it possible to create a single edit and play position with scrolling enabled? (so scroll-lock is on, I slam spacebar, i move around a little and want to play from THAT position).

Open up the keyboard preferences and search for “play”, and you can find a variety of different shortcuts available there.

The ones you probably want to focus on:

  • Play Pattern from Current Line.
  • Play Song from Current Line.
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Thank you dblue, that actually fixed something that has annoyed me for years.
Now I’m off to seek a few other things to label Renoise as perfect - but this pattern play thingy I now modified kills a lot of frustration :D
Huray for right “app” key for acting the same as SHIFT+CTRL in the pattern editor now :D