The Grey Side

May the Flaws be with you

little emotionally charged megamix of some old stuff…
not all just by me, some of it was jamming with other guys

i really love the pads, the synths and the overalle subtle atmosphere emitted by your EQ’ing / filters (eg.: 00:32 - 01:10 and/or 06:13 - 07:18 )
sounds so cute, so sad - so good.
unfortunately the beats and breaks are way too unconceptional (at least they appear so) and sporidically programmed for my likings.
guess i’m just a bit too mainstream afterall ;)

its meant to signify everything falling apart at the seams, so a little sporadic, a little frustrated, a little tired and a little melancholic are all accurate descriptors.

I don’t know how to explain this, but the timing on the drums, the way they unload kinda reminds me of a bunch of heavy objects hitting the floor sparaticaly one after the other in groups with a few here and there in between… that’s the best description I can give… anyway it’s good! I like it. Definetly gives me that broken meloncholic vibe… done really well. Atmospheres and pads are awesome too. Fresh dude.

thanks :)

heres two left on the cutting room floor; didnt really accomodate the theme the way I wanted, plus they’re from different eras. (that intro loop, though recorded the other night, is based on something quite old…)


I like both but the diecast one I like better. Doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve heard from you before. You should finish those up man!! :yeah:

By the way- I’m still trying to make something of your sig… kinda wierd :lol:

sort of like, do what you gotta do despite whatever burden it carrys…


Generally people are capable of much more than what one gathers on first impression

Damn dude…(sigh)… that’s some deep shit man.