The Hooligan: Nitrodisko

Grab it here

Noticed some orchhit problems in early part of the song… will fix that later. Im off to booze now :)

Mixed with the sound of my CPU fan in a discordant harmony. I like it. Simple and effective. And while I’ve used orchit before, after staying up and watching Lord of the Rings, the name becomes insanely funny. Most of the humor comes from being so tired that EVERYTHING is funny :)

It’s sad as this song basically is left without comments. I personally love the track. But I was too lazy to comment on it on boards so I kept my comments on the IRC. :)

Could use bit more simplicity in some parts, and bit more energy to be more effective, but definitely one of my favourite tracks. :)

Thanks Suva. This really was my first attempt at making italo, so it surely isnt perfect, next time I will do better.

Funny part is that although I have done a couple long italomegamixes and been a huge(megalomanic) fan of italomusic since the 80s, I somehow have never thought of doing italo myself. This track wasn’t started as italo either, but as a trancetrack, but the melody I did reminded me of italo so much I decided to go with it and see what happens.

Now… if only I could find samples for Laserdance leads… :wink:

Sounds lot like they used Juno a lot. Juno samples and VST’s are available everywhere. :)

Or which sound exactly do you mean?

Also check out my Virb account:

The first song there, it might be something that you might enjoy, althought the sound isn’t really the best. :) It uses MDA JX10 VST, which is pretty nice and has little 80ies feel into it. It should also be available on all platforms. for example

Not sure about synths used here, but I can create all of them with existing VSTis and samples I have. I may post examples later today if I have time. If someone doesn’t do it before me. :)