The Irony Of Music Piracy

I guess not new news…
But that artists start to sue to get their money tells something…

I’ve always been an avid supporter of piracy, not just music but generally. The only artists that complain over the sharing of their music are the old bastards like Metallica n’ such, and even they’re starting to get the idea of how file sharing has become dominant in our modern world. I mean, what true musician would complain of having his music heard?

But your article shows the real demons of this business, and I just hope that they’re gonna get their asses sued off.

Karma, give 'em hell!

“Linked” article… i didn’t wrote it :P
And yes, it proves the point that an artist would be better off by promoting his own stuff by him/herself to get something decent out of it.

Yeah well, link then, I knew very well you had only provided the article, not written it… ;) Anyways, to topic.

@Kaneel, when you mention these labels, you surely must be thinking of labels in the indie magnitude. I can’t imagine the any of the distro’ing labels like Universal or such complaining about not getting their music out into the world.

The music that the labels you may know wants to share is probably for newspapers and critiques, right? Not the music listener’s business then, if I’m correct then. :)

Depends on the artist really. Some artists aren’t knowledgeable enough to know how to record their music… others aren’t knowledgeable enough to know how to market themselves… others aren’t knowledgeable enough to know how to protect themselves legally from being screwed financially. In fact, most new artists fall under all these categories.

What we need is an industry that’s not bent on screwing their own artists. Granted, there’s a lot more ways the industry needs to change, but this should really come first.