The January Album Challenge

Hi everyone. I did this last year and I’m doing it again:

The January Album Challenge. I appreciate it’s the 6th now so that’s 6 days down but still…

Rules are:

  1. ALL SOUNDS must be made during January. This means:
    a) No presets
    Not a single preset on a synth or sampler, no nada, tough. Not even one.
    b) No samples from your library
    If you use a sample, it has to be recorded… by you… using a microphone or whatever… I’m afraid this includes beats and samples from records so your idea of just sampling old mowtown records is out the window. Also, film/tv samples are a no

  2. You must fulfill the minimum length and minimum number of tracks…
    minimum length: 40 mins
    minimum tracks: 8
    Sorry, your idea of sampling your toilet and timestretching it for 40 minutes isn’t going to cut it.

    Yep, you cannot start before the 1st of Jan… No prep, nothing… And you cannot finish AFTER January 31st…

Hm, I think it would already be hard enough without the no presets / existing samples rule. I think I’ll pass this year. RPM in February maybe though.

What’s the matter, McFly? Chicken?

What’s the matter, McFly? Chicken?

Just make like a tree and get outta here Biff :slight_smile:

I like the idea. But 40 minutes is a long time. I do have an idea though. An idea that I do not intend on following through with. But it’s still an idea.