The Kids Want Dubstep Pt. 2

Hey guys!

As promised, here is “The Kids Want Dubstep pt. 2”

I’ve done some changes in the mastering and edited the song a bit.

Comments are welcome!

EDIT: The sound is a bit different on Soundcloud…

cool, already sounds better than the last one! i think it could still do with some improvements here and there but can’t be sure because you said it sounded different on Soundcloud and i’m listening on headphones as well. let’s see what others think.

Yeah, Of course there is a hugh difference in how you render the song, but when I played it in Media Player, it sounded quite like i wanted, then I Uploaded it to Soundcloud and tadaa…

Might try to see if it’s any better on Youtube(probably not)

It’s mastered with my new headphones - just bought a pair of Porta Pros - so the difference shouldn’t be there (much) ;)