The King Of Glory

Apparently someone missed biology class

besides the pirate flag at the bottom, that is fuckin awesome!

I thought that skull was the thing I was supposed to look at until I read the text.
What kind of sick perverts go to church these days…OMG? :lol:

Cojones. Jesus had 'em. ^^

Where did I see that penis before? Oh yeah!

Yes, church sometimes can put hideous image or statues on the display for eternity…
And then they wonder why people stop believing in god…

The love of Jesus goes through a minor’s anus.

and then there’s making fun of something you’d like to make fun of anyway, using the horrible suffering and mental mutilation of children as an occasion. that’s real grand, too.

it’s funny how religion only gets ever remembered for the bad things. you know how dire the situation for many, many people would be without the voluntary help of people somehow affiliated with it - who would throw child molesters to the sharks without a moments hesitation? so how come shit gets mixed up this way?

there’s nothing wrong with either picture except what you want to read into it.

well okay, except that IS a picture of Jesus having a huge boner. but seriously, that’s THE most painted image there is, you’re bound to find any imaginable variation you could dream up ^^

If we want to make fun of religeous characters anyway… why not go a little astray…

Any other religion and you’d all be on a deathlist by now. <_<

this is what I call a vicious circle

something like this

christians who mock they’re own religion go to hell…
i’m baptized and therefore a christian…hopefully hell will be made out of hex and renoise screens popping up everywhere you go!! :yeah:


Well… I’m thinking of people who have made drawn pictures of other religions/religious icons and found themselves being threatened to death.

And wasn’t crucifixion made by people within the same religion? Haven’t been to one lately so I don’t remember. ;)

nope, that would have been the Romans.

No, only Mohammed or Muslims. Take the piss out of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and pretty much any other religion and they’ll take it pretty much with a pinch of salt. You not seen that South Park episode?

Haha, fuck no. It depends on WHO you’re talking with! My family-in-law (Jewish) almost lynched me when I spoke out on Jehova.

edit: not to mention a collegue (Hindu) when I told him what I do to a cow before I eat it.