The Largest Pixelart Picture I Have Even Seen!

Whassat mean? That the term demoscene graphic style was just made up at breakpoint? I see that and offer you “Isometric Game Graphic Style.” :P

Everybody has slightly different defintion I guess. To me the individual tiles are pixel art, the full images are more like made with a tile editor and lots of copy and paste. Yeah yeah, and loads of finishing touches, I’m not saying the tile editor/copy paste is the bulk of the work. It’s pixelish, but a little bland for me to consider it art. FLAME ON haha.

( I’ve been trying to find something this reminded me of, but I failed… it was paintings in isometric perspective, depicting historical events like the Kennedy assasination, a monk burning himself, and some more… I’m totally stumped, I’ve been blankly staring at the wall and occasionally googling something for like 10 minutes, I give up, if anybody knows what I’m talking about please post!! I think it had “game” or “isometric” in the title, but I’m not sure :confused: )