The Latest On Using Renoise + Reaper Together

I’ve seen a couple tutorials online about syncing renoise and reaper, but some of them are quite old, so I’m wondering what’s the best approach to doing this now that there seem to be a couple options between midi, rewire, and osc…? I’m using mac osx…

Personally I use Rewire - Reaper as the master and Renoise as the slave - works perfectly on PC. You should just see Renoise in your plugins list and you can just add it as if it were a VSTi - note that both programs have to be 32bit or 64bit as there’s no Rewire bit bridge. You might have to fiddle about with audio routing first time if you want to route Renoise’s audio channels into Reaper’s mixer but, once you’ve got the setup the way you like it, save all the tracks as a single track template and you can just fire it up any time you want.

For some reason renoise doesn’t detect reaper (if I start reaper first), and reaper doesn’t detect renoise (if I start renoise first). I have the rewire settings checked on in reaper and I’m running the 32 bit version of both of them… any idea what I might be missing?

Sometimes the rewire driver just fades out of existence… I do not know how or why, or maybe it is, “urban legend,” but here’s two things to try if your Rewire is like, “missing without a trace.”


  2. If that does not work, and you have good speed net, install the demo of reason from the Prop Heads sight…

My experience probably isn’t relevant because I am on the PC, but I ReWire ReNoise to Reaper without any problem.