The Make Jonas A Good Amen Compo


I like to propose this lill compo and hope you’ll contribute some fat iterations of the almighty amen!

This is what you need to do:

Create at least 10 (you may submit much more if you like) ‘original’ (meaning your) versions of the Amen.

The separate loops mustn’t be larger then 2 bars (minimum of 1 bar :) ) + have a minimum bpm of 160, maximum 190.

You may layer your amen hits/loops with as much shit (other beats / farts etc) as you like, compress and effect the fuck out of em to a new holy dimension, though the spirit of the amen must somehow remain intact :)

Send them to me, through emailing me a link where to dl ( plugexpert at )

I’ll judge the loops, and the person delivering me the subjective best bunch out of all submissions will win 4 Zero G sample dvds (that I just can’t seem to sell on these online auction sites lol). Actually, they’re pretty alright, worth around 200 euro’s new in total ( ). Even the trance dvd has some good bass samples in it for drum & bass or whatever you kids listen to.

Now, there are lots of amens floating around on the web, and I’ve got them all, so you can’t fool me by providing a bunch you once dl’d from DOA or something. Slice your loops up and get creative with the most overly used beat ever. This is a challenge to prove there is still juice left, if squeezed by the right hands.

I’d love to hear virtuoso skill in the effecting of the well known hits, exotic effect mangling, fft smearing of the snares decaying in the background, while crispy hats run on top, with well defined kicks to boot. Show that you’ve spend some time on it, not just a distortion plugin + compressor on top. The drum programming of the beat it self needn’t be super complicated. All the hits just need to be there so one could take them apart for later use. In the end I’ll share all the loops provided for everyone else to dl. Diversity and style will get you points.

The deadline for providing me the loops = 2 May 2009

Please use these naming conventions for your loops; first bpm, then contributers name, then the loops name, for example:


Ok, lets see if people are interested to contribute something. You may spam this compo on other sites to get as much beats in for the whole jungle break loving community to benefit from ;)



Great idea! I’m gonna give it a shot fo sho

Just want to point out, that handing out or selling sample-cd/dvd licenses is somewhat illegal. When you buy a sample dvd from the original author, you’re basically only buying yourself a license to use the samples. Reselling or transferring the license to someone else in this case isn’t allowed.

About the compo itself, some people might know my personal hatred towards the amen break… :)

Don’t hate the players, hate the game ;)

iirc the plugexpert has made some demos for zero-g
and he get them for free.

Mmm, about the illegality of giving away these dvd’s…I remember only being forbidden to sell them. I’ll contact Zero G what the dealio is after this weekend of raving at STRP! Then still, don’t really care :) .




(I can be recognised at thegrey Aphex Twin t-shirt and brown shoes with white laces :P )

fucking hell my ears are dead

That was fucking mad… I was home at 1100AM :P
I DID tap some dude with a renoise shirt on on his shoulder…

That would probably be me :P

You’re shitting me?!
No… it couldnt be you, youve got dark hair, the dude I gave my thumbs up to was blonde! With a red renoise shirt…

Hahaaa! That was me dude!! :D
I ran after you to say hello and ask if you were on this forum, but I lost you in the crowd.
Good to see you ARE on the forum! So, in a way, nice to meet you ;)

Ah …Living in the states you miss out on this type of goodness (sometimes)

Ahhh fuckin A dude! :D
Nice to meet you, tho it was a rather short meet.

they should make a renoise reunions forum. :rolleyes:

If people are still interested in submitting beats and possibly win some sample dvd’s, I’ve decided to change the minimum submission amount to 1 amen rendition (more is appreciated though + have a higher chance of winning)!!!

This, since up till now I’ve only received 20 beats from 2 people :) + across some boards, folks complained 10 is to much!

Submit your amen to: plugexpert at

Oop, well, i didn’t follow the conventional naming…but i don’t know the tempos. I could have sat there and worked out each one to a click, but…i couldn’t be bothered.
I’m sorry Jonas, i hope they are still alright.

they are friggin’ wicked moss, you have some skills hitting the skins!