The Mandelbulb

OK so I’ve always had a soft spot for fractals, but these images are unlike anything I’ve ever seen:

Yes, this is very cool. has all sorts of interesting stuff to read.
Surely something I will study the next weeks.

Also interesting: Renoise appears somewhere on that website:
(scroll further down)

Just coincidence? :dribble:

Update: I think our user Twinbee here is One of the pictures that is linked in the forums is hosted at that site. If that is the case: Cool work Twinbee! I love your site!

Seconded, definitely!

Wow, those pictures were quite something!

This is some serious weed, man. :D

Wow it’s reached here!! Thanks guys!

I was just checking through my site visitor log, and found the Renoise forum amongst the zillions of other forums. It’s so cool that the article was picked up here too (through slashdot or per chance?).

And yep, I am the aforementioned guy. It’s been months of hard work (hopefully excusing my lack of Renoise tracks lately ;) ), but worth it. I’m rendering a jaw dropping animation zoom in at the moment with full parallax (not simply just a camera ‘photo enlarging’), but other peeps at are also rendering utterly awesome stuff too (the formula is public).

For example, see this:

Looks like a close up of genital warts…

I first saw it mentioned on a friends site (…

Are all of these renderings recent stuff? I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it!

I think “Shell life” is my favourite:


Fantastic work!

A mystical thing, really.

When I see fractals I have that feeling of seeing ‘a thing that constantly changes and yet remains unchanged’ - a vision of Creation itself.

The visualisation of our own cosmos… That’s what n**n is all about.

Yep pretty much. I rendered that one probably just a week or two before the article went online (which was 08/11/2009). Here’s a higher quality JPEG by the way, though I’ll probably be rendering a giant 8000x4000 soon.

Indeed, though I still didn’t find what I was looking for. The real 3D mandelbrot would probably look 1000x better than even this.

Nice stuff. I remember when I was a nipper playing about with some fractal program on the Amiga. Used to have to wait 12+ hours per render and half the time they weren’t all that but quite fascinating.

great stuff. you should make it into a game where you fly around into the fractals and kill stuff with a psychedelic shotgun. okay maybe not…

If it takes a week to render the animation, i doubt it will be fun playing that game realtime…

best thing i’ve seen in a long time! amazing!