The Massive Synth Keeps Shutting Down The Program.

I’ve done a little looking around about this problem via Google, and it seems this happens to a lot of people who have cough a certain version of Massive, but none of the fixes I’ve seen are applicable to my problem (they usually told me to delete or replace a file that I couldn’t even locate).

Anytime I open a track where I’ve used the Massive synth, I get an error after I play the track that says Renoise has stopped working. I do not have this problem when I am not using the Massive synth.

So I turn to a Renoise-specific forum for tips on how to fix my copy of Massive. Take it to PM if you feel you have to. Any and all help appreciated.

Oh, and if it helps, I’ve got Windows 7 and Renoise V.2.0.0.

The only advise i can give you right now is to try if Renoise 2.7 demo resolves existing issues.

I have a feeling either you have a bad throat or you meant: Ahhrrg me hearties, where’s me parrot?!

In which case my first tip would be to get out the wallet.

I’ve got Renoise 2.7.2 and Massive 1.1.5. and no problems with it on Vista. I hadn’t got any problems with previous versions of software, so… maybe try reinstal?

Massive 1.2.1 and latest v.Renoise and working excellent on windows 7. Maybe you should pay a little money to get better again…

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New version available? Going to download it. Excellent work Natives do! :w00t:

You mean something bad failed to happen on Vista when using a massive Massive synth in Renoise!? It’s the first sign of the end of the world!

Lol. Yeah! Windows become stable - the end is nigh! It works fine on Vista. Nothing wrong happens. This Windows is really infallible. I meant that sometimes reinstallation helps when software fails. It not necessarily has to be matter of Windows release. I wanted to say that latest versions work fine on my machine, altough I’ve got only Vista.

all cracked versions crash sooner or later, but version 1.2.1 finally seems stable. but my friend who has bought complete even complains that massive crashes his system from time to time… i gues it’s dodgy by default the whole massive vst :P