The max Beatsync Value is to few!

Hello together!

I want beatsync an Vocal Audio track ( in Timestrechs mode), but the new max. Beatsync Value (512) is to low. I know that i had Values up to 999 in older Renoise Versions. 999 would be sufficient to do the job. Any Suggestions about the ugly limitation?

plz not say now… slice this autotrack 1 million pieces and Beatsync it part by part!

happy tracking :slight_smile:

I don’t try it,but what does happen if you transpose the sample to +12 or -12

Transpose Value has no Effect in Timestretch Beatsync mode if you meaned the Transpose Value above the Beatsync option.

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It seems that problem grows with higher LPB Value. at LPB 4 the syncrange is fairly ok. On LPB 8 the syncrange is to low. Cant reach 100 sync because i am stuck at max value (512) i tested LPB 16 short… at this Value syncfunction is a joke with limiting to 512 Value. the devs should react to this. remove the 512 limit or scale the syncfunction in dependency of LPB Value so senseful using is able.

happy tracking