The Maximaza!

Hello there, i’m quite familiar with renoise, but i’ve always wondered what the potential the maximizer has.
I know it can boost the volume of a track but for that u can use a gainer instead, so what does the maximizer do exactly?

i’m reffering to the stuff like peak rel. en low rel. The threshold seems clear to me and the ceiling looks like the ‘make up’ option on a compressor. So can it be it’s kind of the same as a compressor in some way? (as i do use a compressor sometimes to make the silent stuff louder in comparison with the rest of a break)

but i really dont know what the ‘peak rel.’ and ‘low rel.’ stands for…

woolah! i didnt knew it was in the tutorials, thank you Bantai

I’ve been working around with this maximizer and it is a great tool for making things punchy.
I think i’ll use the bus compresser less now. B)

Bing Bong Bang