The Middle Mouse Button Stopped To Work


Is there a mean to activate/unactivate the middle mouse button in Reaper (oops sorry) Renoise ?
In the song I’m currently working on, the middle mouse button suddenly stopped working. But if I start a new project, it still works.
The mouse works!

Kinda weird. Any idea ?



why don’t you ask this question in the gddmn reaper forum??

maybe he meant to write renoise instead of reaper. like some tend to write reason when they think of writing renoise.

Yes, sorry, I meant Renoise.
BTW, both are good pieces of software that serve different needs !

Well, we now know what you at least use the most :ph34r:.
But what doesn’t work exactly with the middle mouse:the scroll function or the focus toggling?


The focus toggling does not work. Only on this song. It works on another song.

Just a small hunch:
Have you tried toggling the “View”-> “Lock Keyboard focus” option in the title menu?

Shouldn’t make any difference should it? Would just mean you would switch focus with a simple left click, as well as a middle click. Plus I don’t think that setting is stored per song… (EDIT: Definitely makes no difference on my computer.)

yes, that’s weird.
maybe it’s due to a VST.
I will try to remove the VSTs one by one to see if it makes a difference.
Will keep you posted guys!

No it shouldn’t, middlemouse should always override the keyboard focus.
But if there is a bug in the focus control, this routine is the first logical one to look into and see if toggeling it makes a difference for starters.
And if this seems to be the culprit, then how to reproduce it.