The ModPlug Tracker's Pattern Effects

Hello Everyone,

I just found out the ModPlug Tracker’s pattern effect reference…:

And I see that there are so many effect commands in the program. I didn’t try everything on the list in Renoise in order to see if they work in Renoise or not.

And my question is that could I run them work in Renoise besides the Renoise’s effect commands?


I do see a few similarities in the commands, but they are more or less coincidental. Renoise is not trying to be like ModPlug, and I presume that ModPlug is not trying to be like Renoise. We’re both doing our own thing, so if you plan to work with both trackers, then you’d better learn the commands for each program and understand exactly what each one can do.

You can see what we have available in Renoise here:

Modplug (sort of) tries to continue the Impulse Tracker tradition. So their commands are very similar to IT, which in turn were based on the S3M format.