The most mind-blowing concept in music (Harmonic Series)

nice video from andrew, i think you all know about it ^^
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i do not agree that it is ‘mind-blowing’ because it’s basics that you learn in music school.

there is also complexity in harmony, which people tend to forget by simple voicing/scheme
there is also complexity in song form, which is also in the back, by doing simple/generic intro/verse/chorus/outro. (recently i’ve heard electronic tune, which represents ‘rondo’ as a form, which was also nice)
there is complexity in ‘melody’…

now mix all together, and you should be pretty much mind-blown.
Any section of music can make you mind-blown if you dive deep enough…

You could find all sorts of mind-blown topics… When i see those phrases ‘mind-blown’ in my head red lamp blinks and says, BAIT BAIT BAIT…

for me mind-blowing would be instrumental counterpoint for example, since rhythms nowadays are too simple, often you could hear that the ‘composer/beatmaker/producer’ (whatever) did put 4 kicks on the beat, sidechain the sh*t out. Or just play random polyrhythms… without evolvement.

on the other side, i know there are modern masterpieces i would gladly hear (if someone is really up to something), since everything we are served these days are tunes that are deeply into marketing world… not the music after all…

don’t get me wrong, i did not want to cause any harm with my reply, it’s just that i’m not very good at explaining things…


youre totally right its only one aspect of the complexity of music and yes it was also the first thing i learned in music school ;), but i think people could get more creative with different scales and microtuning. for my taste its way too much about “sounds” in electronic music, and iam wondering if you could create again this big symphonic like pieces but danceable and with variations not only in harmony but also in microtuning. for me its fascinating how you can create this extreme differences in mood and atmosphere only by changing the pitch a few cents.
the title is clickbait, no question :smile: