The Most Prolific Day Of The Year

5 members are celebrating their birthday today

sagosen (25) >trepain (31) >frnkblro (30) >Rubber Legs (24) >Kameleontti (24)

happy birthday you all :)

happy b-day! og spes. til deg sagosen, din nusselige kozebamze! kozemozeoverdoze :D

HB :o ;
Hb :drummer: ;
HB :blink: ;
hB B) ;
hb! :P

Happy birthday all! :drummer:

Here are the first 2 and their presents:


This is my first happy birthday of the day!

I think my family may have forgotten.

My birthday fell on my day off this year which is convenient so I have been messing around with the C64 game ballblazer and putting a beat to it.

I guess a present to myself. Just a cool game with an equally cool/funky beat.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

Og takk til deg, pjuskeluskeSewen min!! ![:wub:](

Always nice to get even the slightest remark that it’s my own special day!

Oh, and happy birthday to you folks as well, cheers!

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy birthday to you all :) May all your dreams come true.


cough - yaiks - Okay, joke is over: Who of you had the wish, that I will get a flue?


points at Rubber Legs