The Most Unwanted Song…cally-composed/

It explains itself.

Already listening to it for the third time…
Just to have a good laugh…

way better than the most wanted song.

I can beat that:…sover-attempts/

Mr.T does it with utmost energy and huge stagecharisma

hahaha oh my god this is awesome. I am 2:48 into it and I cannot wait to listen to the entire thing.

It’s just so bizarre. So many elements and if anything it has comedic value.


Count me in as one of the 200. The church organ… hahaha falling over.


you can’t undercut this

Haha, still its cool… in some weird way :P

its possible…horrrrrible

Denny Blazen come-come-come-back :

Anything to do with this?

Try the most wanted edition as well… a real laugh:

The Things I Like

ha ha ha ha