The MOTHERLODE of Sample Generators

These are great! Thanks for the awesome find, will definitely be using some of these gens for future musics!

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OH YEAH!!! Some of the best sample generators I’ve EVER used. So handy for source material and otherwise.

the bassdrumz are awesome, thanks!! :beers:

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Let us know if you find anything similar for snares. :grin:


I recently used the SFXR vst, locked at zero attack so all sounds would be percussive, randomized it 100 times, then used slicex to chop it into 100 separate sounds for feeding into XLN XO :]

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Well, if you’re on Windows, there’s always Orangator

and for absolutely free, VCV Rack:

Honestly, VCV Rack can make an insane amount of sounds, as long as you know/understand modular synthesis. They’ve even got modules that do basic snare/bass drum/bass/cymbal sounds. That being said, those sounds really tend to be more bread 'n butter. Still, they can be mutated beyond recognition, depending on your skill-set.


Found another by Ryukau - Singen0.1

This is equivalent to the SunVox “Fractal Bits” random percussion synth. Holy cow, endless FM percussion and its EDITABLE.

There’s also ECAFM, a random Cellular Automata sound generator - very odd sounds, could be made into loops or for random one-off sounds. Pretty neat stuff!

AND this one, a sine-chord generator with a couple’a other waveforms.


FANTASTIC - THANX for that -------------------------------nice!


And if you want gibberish…


This thread is pure gold. Lovely stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing @Neuro_No_Neuro and @untilde !


Holy moly, Ryukau updated again…

Full page of links to online sample generators: UhhyouWebSynthsizers

New cymbal generator - incredible “SerialCombCymbal
FDNReverb” for making IRs, but the samples are so incredible, they can be percussion, mess with the different models.


This one is great, wish we could drag a saved result straight into Renoises native convolve device, now dragging into renoise will just load the IR into the instrument list.

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Yeah, that’d be sweet. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy still. But yeah, that’d be a nice way to load the sample in the Convolution device. Seriously, though, those IRs make some cool percussive sounds as well. Kinda sounds like a metallic ‘tarp’ or sheet.

Just got another single-cycle waveform generator added to the list -

And yeah, you can make it 168 samples in length. Does FM and more!

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That’s pretty cool. Will use this the next time when I start a new track. SunVox or Renoise :grin:. I want to use more simple, basic sounds and keep the tracks more simple. Much more fun than skipping VST presets. The tracks from Alex (SunVox) are also very simple, but very effective and they transport so much emotions.

My dream DAW would be a combination of SunVox and Renoise. The modules from SunVox and the mixer from Renoise. And maybe VST support, at least to put something on the master channel. I also have Bitwig, but it offers me almost too many possibilities. SunVox is pure magic. Unluckily the last update was more to improve usage with tablets. I was hoping for some other features, but maybe next time
Sorry for spamming… :joy:

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I love the idea of sunvox. I think the pattern sequencer is particularly interesting. I wish it had the sample manipulation and resampling abilities that renoise had, because that is what I use most.

Renoise pretty much has it all, except for a few things:

  1. Completely free pattern placement and individual length/tempo. Can be mitigated to a degree by using phrases, but not as free as SunVox’s sliding patterns left and right to whatever distance defined. SunVox is very open artistically in that regard - similar to placing varying lengths of cassette tape at various positions with different playback speeds. Way cool.

  2. Some additional modules from SunVox (FM synth, for example). A bit more modularity, although this would ultimately lead to a lot of fooling around and not enough production. Could be fixed by more Doofer slots and knobs.

  3. Granular processing - not synthesis. A granular module to directly affect whatever sound is placed through it - either built into the sampler or preferably as a module, for full-mix opportunities. Great for full-mix glitching.

  4. The same type of module, but with FM parameters, so the channels or mix could be further sound-processed.

A few more mixing tools for less use of external mastering.


I pretty much like the modular approach of SunVox and see how a track evolves in the modular view. I wonder if a SunVox VST that you can use then in Renoise will loose it’s magic. Don’t know, but when I make a track in a traditional DAW it’s much more systematic. It may be good technically in the end but often ends up sounding arbitrary. In SunVox and Renoise I often make “mistakes” which sound great. This would not happen in a piano roll. Because of some VSTs issues with Renoise I didn’t use it much in the last time. Seems better now with my new installation, but still not 100% solved. Also had some issues with my PC and making tracks in SunVox that only take a few kb was perfect as I didn’t have to fiddle with backups or install VSTs, etc.

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I also wonder why there are not more trackers as potent as Renoise. No Psycle Linux Version, no Buzz… There’s Milkytracker, but not completable with Renoise at all.


Adding @martblek’s Gumroad collection of Tools/sound generators:

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