The MOTHERLODE of Sample Generators

For those that know me, I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to generate my own sounds via various methods of synthesis. I’m always pushing for plugins in the Renoise realm, and when I can’t find them, I search on GitHub.

Today, I found NINE audio sample generators for percussion, cymbals, SFX. NINE. They sound different than SFXR and WAFXR. Mess around with these, and I guarantee you’ll find something useful. Even for single-cycles, you could trim out from these an insane amount of sample synthesis material. Bass drums, percussion, SFX, BUBBLES!!!, cymbals. If you search Ryukau’s GitHub, there’s even pad synth generators. Many of these exist as VST 3 plugins and LV2 plugins:

Sound Generators

And now, WASGEN !



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My suggestion: Fractal Bits. It generates random glitchy sounds based in an index number. Also has reverb, transpose, and a few other options. You can export the samples in .wav to use in your favorite DAW. It’s made by Zolotov, who made SunVox.

It’s not a VST, but a phone app.


Thanks for posting that! I know all about it. I found it last night for my iPhone. I don’t want to work on my iPhone :smiley:

I contacted Alexander about a possible desktop app for Mac/Win earlier today, and got a response that it’s in the works to be released ‘soon’! Sweet!

Now, another thing is that Fractal Bits is not producing the cymbal sounds that I’ve posted. Different types of synthesis methods are being used. Especially useful for actual metallic sounds. Also included are Karplus-Strong physical-modeling algorithms. Also, if the end-user is a synth-geek (like me), the ability to finely adjust the sound to one’s liking is VERY important!


Alexander is tops.


I don’t want to work on my iPhone :smiley:

I’m in Android so I just use an emulator to drop the samples straight into my SSD.

And about the desktop app, I asked him about that too a while ago. I hope it comes out soon, so I can get rid of the Android emulator.

Also, if the end-user is a synth-geek (like me), the ability to finely adjust the sound to one’s liking is VERY important!

I usually use the samples from Fractal Bits in granular synthesis. I like placing them all in the same audio file and processing in Glitchmachines’ Palindrome and/or Quadrant (my favorites). You can get really crispy “analog-ish” textures. But I do understand your need to tweak settings directly in the software just like a synth. There’s always the hassle of transferring stuff to your DAW, which can slow down the workflow. Aside from that, I like how simple the app is.


holy shit this is too good. I’m getting to work asap. idk how you be finding this cool shit

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GitHub is a wonderful place!


I think the same!!

Sick! Thanks for sharing, friend <3

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That singen webapp is amazing, thanks for sharing

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Of course! Hope you are able to use it for a long time!

These are great! Thanks for the awesome find, will definitely be using some of these gens for future musics!

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OH YEAH!!! Some of the best sample generators I’ve EVER used. So handy for source material and otherwise.

the bassdrumz are awesome, thanks!! :beers:

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Let us know if you find anything similar for snares. :grin:


I recently used the SFXR vst, locked at zero attack so all sounds would be percussive, randomized it 100 times, then used slicex to chop it into 100 separate sounds for feeding into XLN XO :]

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Well, if you’re on Windows, there’s always Orangator

and for absolutely free, VCV Rack:

Honestly, VCV Rack can make an insane amount of sounds, as long as you know/understand modular synthesis. They’ve even got modules that do basic snare/bass drum/bass/cymbal sounds. That being said, those sounds really tend to be more bread 'n butter. Still, they can be mutated beyond recognition, depending on your skill-set.


Found another by Ryukau - Singen0.1

This is equivalent to the SunVox “Fractal Bits” random percussion synth. Holy cow, endless FM percussion and its EDITABLE.

There’s also ECAFM, a random Cellular Automata sound generator - very odd sounds, could be made into loops or for random one-off sounds. Pretty neat stuff!

AND this one, a sine-chord generator with a couple’a other waveforms.


FANTASTIC - THANX for that -------------------------------nice!