The Movie Voice

That is so damn cool ;)

Pablo Francisco rocks.

The Comedy Central special rocks, some other hour-long thing where he kept on about humping didn’t. :)

Just found this one looking for the name of the Original Movie trailer voice guy:


Let’s not forget the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s film/documentary “Comedian”:

The “Comedian” movie trailer is a classic! :lol:
…in an outpost! on the eedge of space! :yeah:
The movie is an interesting look at the world of stand up comedy as well.


more! more! more!


That guy does a pretty good Arnie.

Not as good as me, ahem

(old mp3 from a drunken night)


Hehe, I’m proper jealous of your Schwarzenegger skillz.



Good stuff dblue. You should take it on the road sometime. :)