The Ms Word Paper Clip Guy In Renoise

we should have that paper clip guy from MS Word inside renoise

so when you strike down a C-4 in the pattern editor, a guy pops up with a friendly “Do you need help?” :)

no, but seriously…

you interact with the guy in a 1980’s sierra game style

you write: “goto drums room”

and you get transported to the drums folders

you write: “get kickdrums”

and the renoise guy fetches all kickdrums

you write “create beat”

the paper clip guy asks: “what kind of beat do you want sir?”

and you write: “c-4 kick on every forth”

the paper clip populates every forth note with the C-4 kick note


you get the idea

something that isn’t quite like macros, isn’t quite like regular scripting, but more of an easy interactive way to call on “under the hood” scripting procedures… sierra game style


I write:“Cut back on whatever you’re on right now!” :D

Seriously, that’s the freakiest idea ever. :D

“Renoies guy, make me some dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore.”

Tracky the tracker helper!

Can we make it so we can drag him to any corner of the screen? Sometimes he might get in the way of where I want to click my mouse cursor or if I’m dragging a sample around.

Let me know how long it will take to please fix this thanks.

You now have dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore

“examine dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcre”

I don’t know what a dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcre is!

“examine dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore”

The dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore looks great.

“sell dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore to record company”

You sell dark breakbeat oriented tripjazzcore to record company. You now have a golden egg.


Amen brother.wav
Alchemy player VST
A golden egg
A half eaten cheese-sandwich

Wasn’t there some kind of parodical scene with the Microsoft Office dog chasing the paperclip because “clippy” became too annoying?

That’s a good idea vV! We can also have an animated dog to chase Tracky around the screen when we are idle for more than 5 or 10 seconds. It will put a fresh and fun spin on an otherwise dry and boring program. Engage the user, you know?

I would prefer “Who wants to be a millionaire?” -style of speaker who would ask every time when I do something if I’m absolutely sure of it. Would save me much time from hitting ctrl-z.