The Musicdisk

We just released “Skale Romantics” musicdisk.
9 songs, over 30 minutes of music, 7 Mb size, the player with a nice graphic shell.
Realtime effects were used a lot (reverb, eq, chorus, etc.).

It would be amazing if Renoise team release simple Renoise player/library for demoscene to keep musicdisks tradition!

I love how the MD is visually created. The songs are a bit too flat for my taste although they show good skills with melodies and harmonies and this is what I usually go for. Qualitywise I’m impressed about most of the songs. Just sometimes I noticed too sudden notecuts. All in all a good job. I’ll keep the MD.

Yes, I’d find it very motivating if there would be a player or an SDK for Renoise.

@all: To quit the MD press Escape :)

Does the demoscene already know about the open source file format?
The only things not open are the internal DSP effect plugins algorithms but for the rest nothing stands in anyone’s way to create a player.

That’s not the solution.
It’s like someone who has built a house is being asked to rent out appartments of it. And the owner answers “Hey, I released the plans of my appartments, build your own house!”

The development of Renoise is not stopped (like FT2, IT, etc.) so it is very natural when someone asks for these kind of interfaces.

If the developement disagrees or if it stopps, one would be forced to build his own player.

So a fair answer would be to mention if there is an interest from the Renoise side to build such interfaces.

You have a good point, it would at least give non-Renoise users an idea of how native supported songs can sound from ground up.
I know most sceners always have the skills to bring up something enjoyable and i would really love to see more of showing off their skills in Renoise for as far as this is not happening yet.

edit:Though Taktik expressed himself where he really wants to get Renoise its image elevated to a “also good for professional purposes” and not only having this “it is just a good toy for the demoscene but no more or less” image.

I’m patiently but intensively looking forward to see this goal achieved. :)

Great job on that musicdisk!
I used to make mdisks as well, mostly collaborating with friends, and not making scene releases. It was fun!!

But from a business point of view, perhaps releasing a .dll library (not open-sourced) would be better? Then, sceners could use Renoise for demos (non-commercial), and video game developers (commercial) could license the audio engine (in fact, this was just suggested in the new/commercial songs forum topic).

I think offering a player lib is about as hardcore or pro as one could possibly get, far from being a toy. At least viewed from the engineering side of things - of course it’s useless for making music that gets played on the radio.

But yeah, games, especially on mobile devices…

Totally agree!

Lots of overhead to keep an eye on who is using the library commercially or not.
This also adds another opportunity to use some sort of rendering without licensing Renoise.
Another thing is that i see mp3 and ogg is being a lot more adopted into demo’s and games lately (and decoding mp3 is less system resource requiring than playing a native tracker format) so personally i have my doubts about the effective use of this engine rather than that this would be used for music disks.

I was going to reply with this same concept; releasing a DLL for commercial purposes would have no reason at all.

Except that many games require the music to adapt to the situation on-screen (dynamic score). With the mp3 format, options are a lot more limited, you can simply cross fade between two pieces of sound…but I guess, given that music recieve little attention in games, most ppl are happy with that… shrug

It also possible using s/pdif output with demo version of Renoise… In my opinion, 44/16 quality limit is the solution for a lib.

Guess why? :) I made a lot of music for games in SKM format. Developers are happy to have such small size and good quality. All the tunes from “Skale Romantics” musicdisk can be found in the real games (check, for example).

Actually, not. If we talk about “classic” formats like IT, XM, MO3.
But, thanks God, we have CPU meter in Skale Tracker :), so we can control the system resource. Nobody asks hi-end mastering in casual games, so one reverb, a few delays and filters should be enough.

And, of course, danoise is right - dynamic score rocks. I made a few (Spiderz! game, Seven Lends game, etc.) in Impulse Tracker (actually, in Bass’ MO3 format) - everybody enjoyed the result :)

Honestly, most games like RockBand that have multiple tracks, will use full mp3s of each instrument with their own “score” files to know when to place notes… most likely some simple variant of midi… instead of having a full tracker song… there’s no need for them to do that. If the game is doing generative music, again, chances are they will be using samples with some algorithms to generate the musics. It’s just a heck of a lot easier and less cpu intense for a developer to just use MP3s with a song score file of some sort for those DDR ripoff games.

Not to say that I don’t want a standalone player, with added DLL for development… I would definitely end up messing with that, and probably use it in some small indy game… BUT the things stated against it are true… unfortunately there is no real market for such a dll aside from indy/demo coders. Perhaps fate will prove us wrong? :P … the standalone player though, is really tempting for all those people that like posting XRNS on the forums when I simply want to listen to their songs instead of seeing how they made it.

Another thing… a dll would be useful for those musicians who are into making generative music… as it could allow potentially for editing patterns during playback and such… altering tracks and notes pseudorandomly… perhaps based on a “key” pattern

The new Protrekkr just released. It based on Renoise’s parent, the Noise Tracker :)
Realtime effects, samples compression, open source player.

Hey Manwe,

although Marc reported this here already, thanks for sharing again.
I just tested ProTrekkr and it sounds promising. But at the same time I found out how much I’m used the the Renoise UI by now. I should sue Taktik for this, I guess…or optionally write him love letters. Still in decision process.