The Next Release? 1.5 Beta? Or Alpha4?

ok it’s not so important (coz i’m a registred user ;) ) but i noticed many alpha3 bugfixes again … thanx to the devs … what are the plans of the dev team? another alpha or a public beta? in my opinion after all that current fixes it’s possible to publish a beta … in general it’s possible to make music with alpha3 without too big problems - it’s stable enough, or what?! :)

yes, some info would be nice… Taktik?

at the moment there is some discussion going about new and disappeared features, as you have seen in the forum.

As soon as the definitive approach will be decided, a new (I believe: alpha) version will be released.

I can be expected quite soon, anyway.

just push beta out so everybody can enjoy this fine piece ov godness

…or do i really have to leak in p2p? :lol:

It will probably be roughly like Bantai says. Then
perhaps we’ll go beta at the end of the month.

We don’t, won’t, and can’t set dates for these
releases, so there’s no point in asking.

ok :)

Just leak to your home installed toilet only. thank you.

Personally I feel it would be better in the long run in the developers took their time and thrashed out those bugs and the wobbliness rather than rushing into a public beta. After all, people are potentially going to pay for this. B)

I think it’s about time to release new alpha, since my alpha3 crashes in about 20min intervals, and I have found numerous bugs, but when I try to search the bug forum if one has been fixed I find like 15 threads where 6 are like “Numerous bugs” period, or “Found some bugzz, bleeze forgive englishness”. So what am I supposed to do?

Ok, I know. Wait.

Yes, to get more effective testing it is probably a good idea to release alphas more often, so people do not stop testing the program because they think they can not keep on testing the program before they get a version where thouse know critical bugs are fixed, if you see what I mean ;)

yes Twilek, I agree. It would be a good thing to release a new alpha. Devs?

Agreed on that…

One of the main reasons i don’t use Renoise1.5 is the “loading-time” on 3 seconds for every time i try to enter a new folder in the disk-op.

Get’s frustrating, but the bug says [fixed], so i’m just waiting for the new version. Till then I’m kicking ass on the ol’ 1.281 :yeah: