The Novus Compo: New Monthly Mp3/ogg Compo!

Okay, NOW I’m back.

Yes, I’m starting a new monthly public-voting music competition.

And yes, it’s a compo specifically for MP3s and OGGs.

The details are up on the website, but basically The Novus Compo is a two-tiered monthly music competition for MP3s and OGGs, based on public voting. In the first tier, songs compete by genre in one of 5 mini-compos, 3 songs per genre, all pre-screened and selected by me. In the second tier, the 5 mini-compo winners and 1 wild-card song compete against each other to become the overall winner.

Voting will be a requirement for entering your song in the future, but since there’s no songs to vote on yet, that means you can enter your song for September’s compo without having to download or vote on anything! But hurry… the entry deadline for September’s compo is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59pm New York Time. So don’t wait… go enter your song right now!

I say this: booyakasha!

this pre-screening process seems rather exclusive. spend time on a compo tune that might not even get to compete? you can count me out

I think you might be mis-understanding the rules a bit. You don’t have to write a song specifically for the compo. You can if you want to, of course, but you can also enter a song that you wrote 7 years ago. So the only time you’ll spend is the 20 seconds it takes to fill out the form to enter a song you’ve already written.

There’s no sample-packs, there’s no theme to follow, no exclusivity requirements, nothing like that.

And since this is the first round and there’s no songs to vote on, you don’t even have to cast a vote to enter September’s compo!

Give it a shot, DJ Io! ^_^ Worst thing that can happen is you lose the 20 seconds it took to fill out the form. And if your song does make the cut, hey, it’s extra exposure for your music. I’d love to see you over there.

I presume that’s Boomerangese for “I’m deciding which song to enter right now!” Correct? :lol:

ahh, i see. i guess i’ll try it out … although i’m still concerned about the objectivity of 1 person as a pre-screener. maybe you should have a panel of 3-5 people who prescreen, all with different musical tastes? as it is, it seems possible that you will dismiss songs that are of a certain genre just because the genre is not of your liking

Actually it means I put my brain in a pastamachine and squeezed out a chunk
of blessed inspiration to be able to finish a new track for this competition.

wowza, i’ve read through the rules at the site, and they are incredibly verbose and slightly self depreciating on your part… i think you could use to tighten them up (i.e. make it more concise, and be less self conscious). here’s how it makes me feel when i read it: it’s like how you feel when someone tells you in the same breath that they just took a huge shit, their mom just died, and they’ve lied to you about their sexuality all their life… TMI!!!


i’ve entered though, it looks like fun, and i look forward to hearing the other entires

Yeah, I’m always… um… verbose. ^_^ That’s my next project to try to cut down on the word count. With a chainsaw. :w00t:

Thanks for giving it a chance! To answer your concern about my genre-bias, that was VERY much a problem with my last compo 4 years ago, and that’s why this time around I have the 5 mini-compos split up by genre. It guarantees that even the genres I don’t enjoy as much will get some representation.

And yeah, having a pool of pre-screeners (instead of just me) would be the best way to run it, but it takes time to coordinate a group of people to get together on a project, time that I unfortunately don’t have. Plus history has proven that I’m not very good at coordinating a team of people over the inter-web anyway. Ah well.

Dammit, I need a new Boomerangese-to-English translation book… But yeah, you can always enter a previous song if you can’t get something new ready in time for the compo. You don’t have to write something specifically for the compo.

Deadline for free-ride entries is less than 9 hours away: September 4th at 11:59pm New York Time! Don’t miss out! ^_^

awesome. i figure since there are only 3 entries so far for “melodic electronic” that i have a pretty good chance of getting into the top 3 ;)