The Novus Compo: October's Round Is Open!

September’s overall results for The Novus Compo are in, and D Fast & Free Soul ran away with it as their song “Nature Story” cruised to victory. Can D Fast do it again? We’re about to find out. :) The newly expanded Novus Compo is back for October with a new batch of 25 fresh songs, split up into 5 genre-based mini-compos of 5 songs each. They’re waiting for your votes, and November’s round is waiting for your entries, so what are you waiting for? Get on over to The Novus Compo and cast your vote today!

There’s less than 48 hours before voting on October’s mini-compos ends in The Novus Compo. Several of the mini-compos are VERY close races right now, so get your votes in soon and rank your top 3 songs in each of your preferred genres. You could be the one who makes the difference for your favorite artist!

Voting ends on Tuesday, October 16th at 11:59pm New York Time.

Congrats to D Fast, xTr1m, Traymuss, Solo, and Randor & Siida! They all held off some tough opponents to win their mini-compos this month in The Novus Compo.

Now all 5 mini-compo winners are going head-to-head in October’s overall compo, competing with each other for your votes. Can D Fast repeat as the champion, or will someone else steal his crown? It’s all up to you!

Stop by at The Novus Compo to download the entries and cast your vote today! Voting is open all the way through Tuesday, October 30th.

Sure, Bantai! I’ll take care of that later this morning.

But in exchange, you have to vote! ^_^

There’s less than 3 days left before voting on October’s overall round ends in The Novus Compo. 5 excellent songs from 5 different genres are waiting to meet your ears, and the voting is coming down to a photo-finish. Visit the site, grab the tunes, and rank your top 3. And of course once you vote, don’t forget to enter your own song for November!

Voting ends on Tuesday, October 30th at 11:59pm New York Time.

Well, you didn’t really agree, more like me just demanding it obnoxiously. ;) But thanks for voting! :D