The Novus Compo: September's Songs Are Ready!

Here we go! September’s 5 mini-compos are up and running in The Novus Compo! Voting in the mini-compos will be open for the next 2 weeks, and then the 5 genre winners plus 1 wild-card song will square off in the overall compo for 2 more weeks. People sent in some great entries to get this compo rolling, and I think y’all are going to like what you hear. And of course, once you download and vote on 6 songs, you’ll be able to enter your own song for October’s compo! What are you waiting for? Visit The Novus Compo today! :w00t:

looks sweet. i’m excited to hear the songs! but i have a serious suggestion: i think you should allow comments on the songs.

one of my favourite things about sdcompo is the song comments, where you can give and receive constructive criticism from songwriting peers.

here is an example:

Indeed, SDC rocks it hardcore. Those boys know how to run a compo.

Comments would be VERY good, but right now TNC (and indeed all of my websites) are lovingly rendered in straight-edge no-frills HTML and hand-coded in WordPad. Adding in Comments would either involve some very active and frequent updates to said HTML and lots of copying-and-pasting from e-mails, or setting up some sort of blog-based or forum-based commenting system, which would be time-consuming in its own right. So it’s a bit low on my priority list, unfortunately. But yes, that would be nice to add, and it’s certainly not out of the question. Thanks for the suggestion!

a comment-box sounds like an excellent way to get people more involved in the (future) compo’s, actually… which is your aim, right?

Indeed, B. Indeed. It’s on my wishlist, and when I have more free time coming up a couple of days from now, I may take a closer look at how SDC handles it.

Sonicade’s a really nice guy, he would probably give you some pointers.

voting is really overwhelming. i’m hoping it doesn’t overload you if i vote several different times, one for each set of categories. i don’t have time to listen to all 15 entries right now, but i don’t want to wait until the last minute to vote some either. also i don’t understand whether i need to submit my next round entry, at the same time while i vote, or if it’s ok if i do it afterwards?

i think it would be easier for the voters if there was a seperate area to vote on each of the genres

Yes, you can split up your votes. It won’t overload me. :) It’s SLIGHTLY easier on me if it’s all done at once, but hey, I’m just grateful that you’re voting. So whatever’s easier for you, go for it. :)

Alright, here we go… the voting deadline for September’s mini-compos is less than 48 hours away. Voting ends Tuesday night, September 18th at 11:59pm New York Time, so don’t wait: get your votes in right away!

Then, for the final 2 weeks of September, the 5 mini-compo winners and 1 wild-card song will advance to the next round, where they’ll compete for your votes to become September’s overall winner! I’m looking forward to this, and hopefully so are you. :)

Come on over… it’s all happening at The Novus Compo!

September’s mini-compos have finished in The Novus Compo, and the results are up. A big thank-you to everyone who voted, and congratulations to Zepsi, Barry van Oudtshoorn, D Fast, Randor & Siida and Nygen Dale for winning their mini-compos! All 5 of them plus Louigi Verona as the wild card will now advance to September’s overall compo to compete for your votes. Voting in the overall compo is open for the next two weeks, until Tuesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm New York Time. Make your voice heard… visit The Novus Compo today!