The Off Indicator In Track Scopes Is Really Ugly

Hi there.
I hope you won’t mind a report like this one. You can ignore it at will.

This one’s not a bug really, but I’d be happy if you could do something about it. It’s about aesthetics. :blink:

The thing is: the track OFF indicator in 1.8, however better than the FT2-like cross, looks ugly. This is simply because it doesn’t match other fonts’ weight (it’s way bolder) and focus (it looks somewhat blurred). You see, there is no blur anywhere in the UI, all things (including the graphs) are really sharp, etc. And the fonts, even the bold ones, are really condensed and don’t have much weight. The OFF sign looks like pasted from another piece of software.

The off indicator was suggested by one of the alpha testers, if you don’t like it, why don’t you swap it with your own?
You can change it with your own bitmaps.

Yes, I also wanted to propose something of that sort.

Oh, right. I see that the indicator scales with the amount of tracks. Gosh, if you have anything under 12 tracks it looks reeaallyy bold.

Try something with the MutedTrackScope.bmp and KilledTrackScope.bmp here:
C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0b3\Skin\Icons and do some suggestion.

Maybe in the future that you can also include your own skin in your themes.
It should actually be very easy to allow Renoise to search for a C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0\Skin[themename]\Icons folder (and the other related) and load those instead when found, but it will probably be a lot of work to add visual configurations for them in the preferences.
But in that way Taktik could allow users to have their complete own Renoise skin.