The Only, Oldskool Rave / Ardkore Compo

the comp now ends 30th of march!!!

you MUST enter this compo cause it will be fun, i beg you to enter this competition!

rules and stuff:

  1. has to be authentic old sounding (1991-1993ish), can be as dark or cheesy as you like!!!
  2. bpm’s between 130-160
  3. send me your 1 mp3 via PM only!
  4. obey all the rules
  5. if you’re stuck for samples i’ve uploaded a pack here:
  6. im the fucking judge! there will be 1st place 2nd place and 3rd, everyone else has lost
  7. there’s no prize :ph34r:

in the words of shaun ryder… RAVE ON! :panic:

I’M ON IT!!!

the songs will be kept out of the public eye until i’ve decided on the top 3.

i forgot to add… good luck!

for inspiration or if you don’t understand the scene:…feature=related

why not, it’ll be my first completed track but i gotta start somewhere i guess!

1 week left

I love sonz of a loop da loop era.


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or -> hook me up on #renoise (irc) ?

ok, competition ended. it’s gonna be a real hard one for me to judge this, not because there’s so many good ones to chose from…

but because no one entered anythin :( :(

really?? damn…
maybe folks were to busy with the tictac compo, ending the same day.
would probably have entered your compo if I had time

Well, I still have an entry from your previous rave compo…?

aha, some light at the end of the tunnel lol ok guys, i’ll extend another 2 weeks as from now. so 30TH OF MARCH is now the end date :)


I got caught up with a lot of other stuff, namely school/work and another track I was working on (my first!)

I’ll try to pump one out asap, I need the practice.

ah, how’d i miss this? count me in. :D

I can not seem to finish this, but that here is an old skool song I’ve been bashing at for a while.


Here’s mine

Prune Juice Enema


do we send the mp3 via pm or post here?

Urban Drum Terror - Remember 92

Is there a verdict on this milk shake man ???

Even though i know i didn’t win , I like
to know who did…

so do i…

sorry if this sounds rude, but it’s not horrible like but i’ve closed the comp again lol, only had 4 entries lol. nevermind, thanks for everyone who did something, at least it got your composing juices going.

EDIT: the tracks that got sent to me were all fucking awesome by the way