The Only Thing I Miss In Renoise :)

hey guys.

i use scream distortion unit alot for sounds (propellerheads reason). and it sounds wonderful
i think renoise really should have an advanced distortion unit as well. so we can automate it with envelopes :dribble:

its the best distortion unit i have ever seen :w00t:

what do you guys think… should renoise have a advanced distortion unit with alot of distortion types yes or no?

I rather have the devs spend time on other issues then an advanced distorion unit. There are tons of good distortion vsts to be found on the net.

Perhaps you can convince the fine people at propellerhead to start releasing their modules as VSTs, that way we can all use them in Renoise ;)

Amen to that, BYTE!

So… while we’re on the topic…

Which distortion VST (preferably free) is the best one?

good question… i have no idea which free distortion plugin is the best one for renoise.

i dont think propellerheads will release it as a vst… probably its asked on their forums tons of times… i believe reason dont even have vst support at all…

If you’re looking for a guitar amp type of thing… then FreeAmp2
Other than that, maybe Cyanide

After playing around with the demo for a few weeks, I paid $200 for this distortion plug-in:

A more advanced distortion for renoise is a good idea, but if your problem is automating your VST plugin using envelopes, it is currently possible in renoise. You may use the “show/hide the parameters sliders” tiny button to the left of the “Open Editor” button to have control over VST parameters and automate them. This has worked for all the VST plugins which I have installed.

No it’s not for the reasons already stated.

i love dfx geometer… many distortions… their other plugins are great, too… and completely free.