The original On My Mind demo song by gemini / silents

Renoise versions 1.2, 1.25 and 1.26 came with a cool demo song called onmymind.rns that had 2 electric guitars playing in harmony. Renoise 1.27 (August 2003) and later versions came with an updated song, onmymind2.rns, that only had 1 guitar.

It’s taken me ages to find a download for the original, so I’m making this thread just to help anyone who googles “renoise on my mind nostalgia”. :slight_smile:

None of those old Renoise demos are on I eventually found them at - rns12.exe rns125.exe rns126.exe rns1261.exe.

I wonder if it would be legal or polite to upload the rns or mp3 or video…