The Other Side - Didgeridoo & Abstract Hip-Hop

Hi guys !
Sorry for my english, I’m French and google trad is my friend :wink:

I want to present my project to you. First I would like to thank the creators of Renoise.
So, I have been playing didgeridoo for over ten years, in a modern and rhythmic style, with beatbox techniques. And I am passionate about Hip-Hop culture and beatmaking like Abstract Hip-Hop. I like dark atmospheres and fantasy and SF universes.
I work under Linux with Renoise to create my songs. I use a lot of voice samples and instruments that I transform. I use Ardour to record my didgeridoo.
The mixing and mastering was done by a friend with another DAW.

You can listen to my EP on YouTube :

If you want to download it on Bandcamp :

And I play live with my didgeridoos and a MPC LIVE :

If you like my project you can follow me on the networks :

See you…


Welcome friend to the community.I like how you take your music outside and you have a different music style,very unique.I hope you stay with us and post more of your music here.

Welcome loup didg, great to see your work, very inspiring!

Thanks guys !

Toppp my friend!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: