The pattern, the editbar, the selection and the bad behaviour

Hello together!

I ever and ever stuck again in same not good behaviour between pattern editing. The Selection are lay down under the editbar. It’s simply not a good Gui/Workflow behaviour. It overloads the edit position with not needed information and lowered the visibility in some cases addicted to selected theme. I tested all Gui config options for pattern edit. i dont get this behaviour disabled. Is there a way oder a Tool maybe? I would prefer set the selection only if i press a key with the mouseclick. Then you could jump/navigate to edit position easely with a single click and can edit in clear and simple way over the editbar. Especially for long patterns this would very usefull. What you think about this? The single Note drag & drop fails often anyway, then better this should seperated in some way.

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I don’t understand what you exactly mean by bad behaviour? Can you describe it more detailed? Do you mean that a mouse click is somehow tied to cursor movement, bar movement and selection at once? Then I would agree that an optional modifier key for all selection click action could be helpful.

Yes this is exactly what i mean.When you Quicknavigate in Pattern with left mouseclick then first will set a 1 line column selection on the position you have clicked. then the Editbar will move on this position and lay overlapped to the unwanted selection. if you are in editmode between doing this, you additionally get an inverted Editcursor on top of this. At least the senseless 1 line selection should be avoid for better ergonomics. The most simple solution would be in my opinion. Let us navigate in pattern with single leftclick, like as it is now without setting a selection, and if you want so select the line you clicked you must press shift key or something other. hope my suggestion was more understandable now.

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Have you tried the “Single click to set cursor in edit mode” option? It doesn’t do exactly what you want, but with this option you can double-click to navigate without selecting anything.

i have checked all these Gui options. No one give me a satisfactioned behaviour.

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I get this too, but thinking there must be a “right” way to use it that I just haven’t mastered yet…

You might try navigating by edit step or next note event instead. You can set up a custom hotkeys for this in the keys preferences. It’s faster than using the mouse once you get used to it, and you can control whether there is a selection or not by using shift + arrow keys. Plus it’ll save your wrist some mouse clicks. Not what you’re asking for, I know, but arguably a more efficient solution


Thanks for you tip. maybee a good idea. i dont know. in my Mind navigating by editstep should be faster then direct mouseclick for a jump to notepos? Difficult to visual for me. The +1 step would be not very good performance for going to a specific position.and changing the stepsize would be very complicated to use.

I know this would be more like old trackerstyle, but i would prefer a modern and more effectiv way to patternedit. A working like in a excel sheet.would be fine i think. The always middlescreen editbar could set to absolute noteposition instead of scroll the clicked patternline under the middle editbar. (relativ jump)

But i’m not 100 percent sure that i understand your way in all. could you giv us a smal video how you navigate in this way?

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