The Pen Tool


I gave up on all this music stuff a few years back as my day job, plus side projects were over-taking. Also I started a career in semi-pro bicycle racing, etc.

Anyway, I have been moving around a lot, and mainly just have a laptop with Renoise in it for fiddling.

Due to space and time constraints, and also a genuine love for getting to the root of everything, I decided to start all of my songs from scratch in Renoise; drawing samples with the pen tool and then working it from there.

I came up with the following…

I may have recorded the odd voice sample from my mouth into the internal laptop mic, but that is all that I brought in externally.

Renoise is INCREDIBLE as a tool to start things from scratch, manipulate and work things into giant instruments, and basically use the whole thing as a brilliant, endless, and savage sounding synth.

Love it!

Let me know what you think of my tunes.

That is impressive.

Now do it with no samples.

I have less with the first three songs, but the last three have a good “Finish” potential.

Nice tracks you got your style. Great atmo in different people track :)

I really enjoyed track no 3… awesome! The others not as much.


I don’t really care about making mega modern productions anymore. Rather just mess around and see what I can make with the Pen Tool, and effects. Sounds good enough for me, and I suppose I am the main person who listens to all this.

Thanks for listening, anyway. I will post up more if I make some!

Also, if anybody wants the xrns of these to see how I did it with just the pen tool, then let me know.