The Perfect Volume


I’m trying to find the perfect volume for rendering.

I mean, I don’t want it to be too loud, but i want it to be as loud as possible.

I’ve got Cool Edit Pro 2, and tried to calculate the loudest possible volume (without getting disturbance) but this didn’t seem to work out as planned.

Does anyone out there have any tips on what to do to achieve the perfect volume?

Thanks in Advance

~Dufey (Lineing up the bass)

Thanks alot. Damn that was a fast response! LOL what was it? 2 minutes? 3??

Anywho, I’m doing what you told me :) (Put the volume to full and hit the AD)

Still think it sounds a bit distorted though, but it’s probably just me.


~Dufey (Chopping down the peaks)

Wait… I enabled the AD, let the song play from top to bottom once, but the volume slider didn’t adjust itself… did i miss something out?

Thanks again

~Dufey (A lil confused)

oh oh oh wait, i had the declipper enabled…
i turned it off and it did as you told it would

Thanks hehe :) it all worked out fine!

~Dufey (Relieved!)

Im not registered, so I cannot render, anyway for playing I always use 100% of master volume (not 200% that is the max), and also a limiter/maximixer (at -0.5/-0.3dB) for get loudnest signal without distorsion.



Doesn’t Renoise only support 150% volume on master?

Anyway, do you add the limiter to the master volume or do you add the limiter/maximizer on a third party software? (cool edit, wavelab etc)

Thanks for all the support!


~Dufey (Mastering -at least- the english language)