The Person That Downs Me

So, I decided to continue this style I’ve already done on another track, and here’s the result.

Any kind of feedback appreciated :P

Pretty cool. Bit of chiptune mixed with… lots of stuff :P

Sounds very muffled/muddled (what’s the word i’m looking for?) until 1:08 though

I recognized James Bond Theme at 0:54. :ph34r:
First 5 sec.

I really liked this tune, it really gave me some happy vibes, my only complain is that it’s too short…

I really like this song.
The chiptune-styled intro had me expecting something a quite different than what actually came, but it fit together really smooth.
I don’t think it is too short, actually. It gets to the point!
Where would I find that other track in this style you mentioned?

Sorry for the late reply, guys! :ph34r:

Hah, yeah, it wasn’t on purpose or anything, actually! :P

Yeah, I don’t tend to have a whole lot of time, and I get demotivated rather quickly, so I usually try to finish up things in time.

Hey, thanks a lot :) Well, I’ve done this and this recently, and they all fit within the same style (IMHO, at least).

Thanks guys!

It just suddenly appeared there? hehe

Certainly, sir! :o