The Pirates Lives In The North

I got a serious question lol
i dont have a money$ to buy this awesome creature of the nature because all my money i spending on dope
so stole it on torrentooroorz, and blowing my braincells on my bedroom speakers
please forgive me that crime against this beautifull creature and maybe someone can ansver me on technical question:
whitch gas station i need to rob to buy a mr.Renoise???

maybe you feel better, but i stole a fruity loops too, not using that just crack that bitch up
as pirates sayd tooth for the tooth, fart on my parrow. peace

Why i needed a school, if my grammar is the same as retarded 6 years old lesbian with one eye and a hook in tha ass???

you probably need more money in order to rob than to buy Renoise. Just quit dope for a week and you have the money. Also, you can use the demo version which limitations should not interfere with your workflow.

ow but if i quit dope - there is no reson for renoise
demo is quite cool but theres no option to resample stuff rendering is off for intruments too

as I wrote above, you should only quit dope for a week in order to gather the money: it’s about 60€ after all.
On the other hand, I never smoked but still find lots of reasons to use Renoise.

for a week, humm, i got the better idea, i will borrow some seeds and a growbox, then rise my own dope, then i will sell it and will got plenty for myself, than no need a week for quit and can buy a renoise!

Answers just came to me itself!


I think it says in the manual that renoise is dope without dope.

If you cultivate your own grass, please send me a little, I dont have money to buy dope.
I rob the tuss records, and is better than dope men, I put it on my boat when I go to sleep and… woooowww. I need money to send to that boy.

Ive actually cultivated an F1 hybrid from renoise and a virulent strain of sativa, it seems to be taking over the whole grow room, and my life.